5G networks may be in place by 2020

5G networks may be in place by 2020 

5G in 2020 

Government of India is aiming to commercially introduce 5G services in the country by
the end of 2020, almost in line with rest of the world. 5G is the next generation of mobile
Internet connectivity that would offer much faster and more reliable networks. 5G would
form the backbone for the emerging era of Internet of Things (IoT).

What is 5G? 

5G stands for the fifth generation of the next wireless mobile standard.
According to the Next Generation Mobile Network's 5G white paper, 5G connections must be based on 'user experience, system performance, enhanced services, business models and management & operations'.
According to the Groupe Speciale Mobile Association (GSMA), to qualify for a 5G a
connection should meet most of these eight criteria:
1. One to 10Gbps high speed data connections among end points
2. One millisecond end-to-end round trip delay
3. 1000x bandwidth per unit area
4. 10 to 100x number of connected devices
5. (Perception of) 99.999 percent availability
6. (Perception of) 100 percent coverage
7. 90 percent reduction in network energy usage
8. Up to ten-year battery life for low power, machine-type devices

4G works in the same manner as 3G but it offers faster data transmission rate and a lower
latency (the time between cause and effect). 4G is at least five times faster than 3G
services and, it can provide download speeds of up to 100Mbps.

Advantages of 5G 

Like all the previous generations, 5G will be significantly faster than its predecessor 4G.
5G will offer theoretical download speed of 10,000 Mbps (10 Gbps). 4G mobile standards
have the potential to provide 100s of Mbps. 5G will take download speeds from mbps into
multi-gigabits per second, giving rise to the ‘Gigabit Smartphone’ and innovative services

and complex applications.

Disadvantages of 5G 

5G will come at heavy cost of implementation. While new devices will probably have it
integrated, old devices will become out of date.
A reliable, wireless internet yconnection can depend on the number of devices connected
to one channel. If all connected devices are not upgraded, the network rollout for 5G is not
likely to be effective.

The future of 5G 

As 5G is still in development, it is not yet open for use. However, lots of companies have
started creating 5G devices and are testing these devices.

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