The beauties of kashmir

Kashmir is paradise on the earth its beautiful value and mountains it's rivers and lakes it's fruit and flowers and its bracing climate attract
Tourists from all over the world.

The beauties of kashmir beggar description.The clear cool water, the gentle breeze,the coiling Rivers,the bubbling springs,the fresh water lakes and the snow-clad mountains of kashmir are very charming indeed.An old Man became young and the young becomes younger in kashmir.

Kashmir is a pleasure garden for the rich,a playground for sports man and a place of rest for those who feel a poet,it's sights and sounds are a source of inspiration.To a sports man it's a playground hunting,swimming,hiking etc.To a scholar its old books,monuments and historical buildings and Rivers are a source of wonder and delight.To a newly married couple kashmir is a real holiday resort.They can occupy a nice house boat, sit under a chinar trees, eat cherries and talk love .

The beauty of the country side with its luxuriant orchard, majestic chinard, silvery poplars and the scene of verdure transport us to a dream short the valley contains everthing  which makes life enjoyable and charming

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